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ANAGHA INTERIORS is an Interior Designing firm established specially with a passion to bring to life your space of dreams. Founder Mr. Nagendra and his team at ANAGHA INTERIORS come with the collective design experience of 15 years ranging from residential, commercial and retail spaces at world IT HUB at Bangalore.

ANAGHA TEAM is one of the best interior design firms in Bangalore who design quality false ceilings, glamorous kitchens, vast dining spread, stunning wardrobes to luxurious sofas and awesome office infrastructures, bathroom interiors, kids room interiors & gym interiors.

We design creative interiors with our qualified designers at affordable price for work and living spaces.

The Anagha Interiors team is versatile enough to create both luxurious residential designs as well as cozy homes. Right from conceptualizing the project to execution and delivery, everything is customized to suit the client's needs.

ANAGHA Interiors enhance the client's brand image and value as to match the work culture and the corporate philosophy of the business. All commercial spaces also include modern access control systems, surveillance systems and hybrid wiring as per the clients need.

Whether it be specialized modern interior design or contemporary, Anagha Interiors team helps turn dreams into reality.

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Customer obsession

We will consistently strive to ensure that our clients are delighted at the end of every little interaction with us. We are all ears to any feedback that can help improve every interaction.

Excellence in every small thing we do

We indulge in attention to detail at every step of our journey. Hundreds of such small steps ensure that every customer gets great satisfaction and great service.

Honesty and transparency

What we know and what we do is out there. We place a premium on sharing information honestly with all stakeholders.

We come to you with our large supplier network in the comfort of your own home. we’re near by you.
We are happy to help you.